Internet Marketing – Setting Up Your Brand

It’s a good thing that you’ve come to the conclusion that you want to do this for free. Usually, I would say that you have to give something first before expecting anything in return, but the MMO(make money online) world is absolutely FILLED with scam artists ready to take you for every penny. Just this time, it’s OK to be cheap.

You Still Do need Your Own domain(s) and hosting

A domain is simply the name of your website, but online names are considered to be online real estate, being bought and sold as such. Truth be told, most of the best ones are already taken, Go over to Namecheap and start searching for a domain that you like and is available and grab it up. This name will be your brand and have an effect on your audience in the future so put a little thought into it. Using the coupon code, “buythedomain”, this should run you no more than $6 a year.

There’s two hosting providers that I’m familiar with; Hostgater and WAhosting. Hostgator is the most popular option right now as they offer some of the best deals. You can buy the smallest plan with them for about 5 dollars a month and get a single website up and running. WAhosting is a part of the $49 a month premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate and will host unlimited domains for you using state of the art hosting. This is ofcourse just the tip of the iceberg of the massive amount of tools, training, and help found within WA. Also, I’ve heard only good things about BlueHost.

Can’t afford it?

This all works out to about $66 dollars a year which is about 18cents a day. How much do you spend a day on useless junk? Be honest now!!

If you REALLY don’t wanna pay, you do have the option of creating a blog on a blogging platform like or I advise against it however since these things don’t provide you with a lot of freedom and your brand will be muddled up with your website name containing the platform name. It just looks wholly unprofessional.

If you still want to do it, I suggest using one of the two free siterubix websites provided in the free WA membership. It is a high ranking platform with powerful hosting and uses a unique program called wordpress express to have you up and running in seconds.

This is All you Need to Pay For!

Often, those scam products forget to mention that you need these two things to run a successful business. As you move forward, there WILL be extra costs just like with any business but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

I Don’t Know How to Make Content

Learn by doing. Make your mistakes quickly and always try and improve. With time, you will find your “voice” and it will all begin to flow very naturally. Also, be sure to spell check your work; you’d be surprised by how many visitors a simple grammar error can send away!

And That’s It!

Easy, right? At this point I’d like to direct you to my Getting Started page where you can begin learning the more “nitty-gritty” details. This is a business with a lot of “small things” that you should know before they become a problem down the road. Not to worry, though. Make Your Internet Money will teach you everything you need to know, free of charge!

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